TX-4600 is fan-free POS Box that is specifically designed to operate in all kinds of harsh environment. Together with the support for full I/O connectivity, such as six DB9 Serial ports, Parallel port, seven standard USB ports, Powered USB ports, mini-PCIe and PCI/PCIE expansion support, making it one of the most versatile POS Box in the market.
TX-4200 Series is a multi-purpose controller that can be ideal for various applications. With a compact housing, Intel Cedarview dual core processor, standard VGA + HDMI display interface, mini-PCIe expansion slot for WIFI, PS/2 port, VESA mounting and more, TX-4200 Series is so versatile that It can be used as a full fledge POS Box, a Kitchen Video System (KVS) controller, a Digital Signage controller or any industrialized application.

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