DT 308

Posiflex - DT 308
Posiflex - DT 308
Posiflex delivers the DT-308 as an advanced mini POS terminal.

The DT-308 embodies “small is beautiful”. It sparks the working environment with its compact design. Inside small enclosure, the DT-308 accommodates up tp Intel Dual Core 1.8GHz CPU (Optional), 2.5” HDD or SSD and the standard connectivity such as serial, USB, LAN, CR ports and even UPS support. And built-in programmable keyboard and touch screen allow user to work in a smart way. It also supports customer pole display, MSR, thermal printer, cash drawer, bar code scanner and so on.

The DT-308 offers the maximum functionalities in its minimal figure.
  • Resistive touch screen (Optional) : 8” LCD 800 x 600 resolution
  • Equipped with Intel Pine View D525 Dual Core 1.8GHz CPU (Optional) with DDR3 memory
  • UPS (Embedded on board developed by Posiflex) support to avoid sudden loss of power during transaction
  • Built-in programmable keyboard
  • 4 serial ports to support peripheral devices in diverse industrial applications
  • Various I/O ports support like LAN 10/100/1000 Mb, CR for 2 cash drawers, and 4 USB ports
  • Easy LCD tilt adjustment from 15° to 90°
  • Push-open cover to protect power switch from accidental shutdown
  • Desktop or VESA wall mount solution (Optional)
  • Built-in magnetic stripe reader (Optional)
System Configuration
Processor Intel D525 / 1.8GHz / 1M Cache (dual core)
System Memory DDR3 800MHz SO-DIMM x 1, max. 4GB
Storage Device SATA Storage x 1, factory default 320GB HDD x 1
RAID Function N/A
Power Supply 12V / 50W
OS support Windows XP Pro / POSReady 2009 / Windows 7 / POSReady 7 / Linux per request
Display & Touch
LCD Display 8" TFT LCD
LCD Resolution 800 x 600
Touch Function 5-wire Resistive Touch
I/O & Expansion
Serial Port 4, DB9 x 4, 5V / 12V support on all COM ports
Parallel Port 1, via optional conversion cable
Standard USB Port 4
Powered USB N/A
LAN Port 10 / 100 / 1000 Mb x 1
VGA Port VGA x 1, 12V support for Posiflex monitors
CR Port 1, control 2 CR via optional Y-cable
PS/2 Keyboard N/A
UPS Port Yes
Audio Buzzer only
Extension Slot N/A
Built-in Device
Built-in MSR Optional 3 tracks ISO or JISII
Built-in Keyboard 40-key programmable keyboard
Built-in Printer N/A
Built-in FPU N/A
Built-in WIFI N/A
Built-in RFID Reader N/A
Built-in Smartcard Reader N/A
Built-in Handset & Mic N/A
Built-in Webcam N/A
Physical Dimension
Dimension (W x D x H in mm) 224 x 231 x 96 ~ 249
Weight (N. W. in kg) 2.8 kg
Operating Condition 0°C - 40°C, 20%RH - 90%RH (Equipped with HDD);
0°C - 50°C, 20%RH - 90%RH (Equipped with SSD)
Storage Condition -20°C - 70°C, 10%RH - 90%RH

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